NTEIBINT - Morning Breeze (ATTAR! Remix)

Hey yall! a first taste from my upcoming EP. Feelgood vibes from mr. ATTARI and his excellent remixing work! out soon on Bang Gang 12"

NTEIBINT as a street tourist and ATH1281 doing his thing (thank him for the marvelous cover art on the upcoming EP)

Bumblebeez - Let's Go Ride Some Horses (NTEIBINT Remix)

Dunno if you managed to grab this one when it came out last year. So, in advance to my forthcoming release on Bang Gang 12" give another spin at my Bumblebeez Remix! p.s. don't miss the new Light Year bomb: http://youtu.be/S1f1M_MUEfQ


Mixtape alert! listen to the ATTARI Remix of forthcoming my track "Morning Breeze" (out soon on Bang Gang 12")

The Rapture - How Deep Is Your Love (NTEIBINT Remix)

This was my summer - to be in love - soundtrack, so i couldn't resist adding some of my synths and messing around with the arrangement... hope y'all enjoy!